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Re: Best practices to avoid virus and spam

2004-02-12 09:02:21

What period of time is this?  And how to you correct yourself? 
How does the system report you that it is fixed itself?

My guess is that an appropriate period of time would range from
several hours to a day or so.  most mail is retried for a few days,
so as long as the problem is fixed then legitimate mail should be
able to get through.

My research as shown at least 30 days was the average.  I can show you
the analysis if warranted.

I don't think we're talking about the same thing.

There are many people are incorrectly blacklisted.  Our experience
is that top people are legitimate, quickly find out and get unlisted
pretty quickly.    

I don't want to standardize a system that only works well for "top

I agree some standardization of the RBL sites should be done.  They
are here to stay.

Then we don't agree.  Because there is no way in Hell that third-party
RBLs should be standardized.  And whether they're here to stay is 
irrelevant.   The job of a standards organization is to describe how to
do things well, not to encourage bad practices just because they're