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2004-02-12 08:56:01


I am trying hard to refrain from addressing your personal shots at me.  I
would really sweet of you if you could maybe put some effort in managing
this flaming instinct of yours.

For the final and last time, our implementation requires a LIST of domains
that will trigger the DMP and SPF lookup.    It says nothing about how this
list generated, created or othewise - automatically or manually.  It had
nothing to do with it but only the fact you will need it once you implement
LMAP solutions and learn real operation results from it.   I am happy I was
able to provide to share some insight and maybe some possible implementation
cost savings when you do finally implement it.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:30:29 EST, Hector Santos said:

In our work,  it became a design requirement to add a "SPF Domain List"
holding a list of domains to check.  I will now add AOL.COM to that

Then your design is broken, unless you want to keep doing

Let me check the other top dogs...,,,, did not have txt records.

*THIS* for every domain that sends you mail.  If you have any sense,
you'd make a cronjob that greps through the mail logs at 2AM and does
a 'dig $FOO txt' for all domains that you got mail from that weren't
already in your list.

Remember that there's a good chance that 75% of your mail *isnt* from the
"top dogs".  And if you're relying on manual checking you might as well
go back to HOSTS.TXT.

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