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Re: SF Support --> was Re: MX Domain Name --> Was Re: Some Ideas I would like to Bounce off ya

2004-02-12 09:18:44
On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 10:56:45 EST, Hector Santos said:

For the final and last time, our implementation requires a LIST of domains
that will trigger the DMP and SPF lookup.

If you can't understand why the rest of the world moved away from HOSTS.TXT
and started using DNS, and need to keep a local LIST, you probably shouldn't
make any recommendations about how to use DNS.

If however you *do* understand, but work with a bunch of dysfunctional
pea-brains that refuse to see the light and insist on keeping a local LIST
anyhow, you have my condolences.  Good luck on getting an actual working
product out of them.

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