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Re: SF Support --> was Re: MX Domain Name --> Was Re: Some Ideas I would like to Bounce off ya

2004-02-12 10:08:59
On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 11:52:15 EST, Hector Santos said:
Why are still talking about a "Host.txt" ?

Where did HOSTS.TXT come from?   Not me.

No, but you're doing the same exact thing - trying to keep a local list of
things that really should be in the DNS:

For the final and last time, our implementation requires a LIST of domains
that will trigger the DMP and SPF lookup.  

You're the one who said your application needed to keep a LIST (your caps).

If you can't understand why this is broken the exact same way that HOSTS.TXT
was broken, then maybe you *SHOULD* keep a local list, and let us know what
insights you have once several hundred thousand sites have deployed SPF.

Hopefully, your LIST already has almost 7,000 entries on it, because that's
what says is out there.

And that's just sites that bothered putting it in that registry.  There's
undoubtedly a lot more that are in the DNS that are invisible to both the
registry and your LIST.

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