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Has the IETF dropped the ball?

2005-03-08 09:50:18

The public is getting mad as hell about spam. There *will* be a solution to this problem. If the IETF doesn't provide it, some politicians or bureaucrats will. I may not understand all that is going on in the IETF, but it sure looks like they dropped the ball. They have allowed the standards effort to disintegrate into a bunch of programmers squabbling over details that are not needed in a universal standard. If we continue the present path, it may be years before there is a clear "victory" in the battle between competing and incompatible standards.

I understand the details are important, but how much of what is in the current proposals is really necessary for these different methods to work together in the same transfer? Not much I suspect.

Surely the IETF can get together a few neutral experts who can listen to advocates from all sides, and come up with a standard on just the few items needed for *interoperability*. Then we can break the current logjam, and all parties can do their own thing within the standard. More importantly, we can tell ISPs, companies in the spam fighting business, and the public "We have a standard. Get moving."

-- Dave

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