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Re: Has the IETF dropped the ball?

2005-03-09 12:26:45

At 12:25 PM 3/9/2005 -0500, Tony Hansen wrote:

The IETF hasn't given up; it's simply regrouping.

This is good news. I have a lot of confidence in the integrity and wisdom of this group. I just worry that they won't keep the uncompromising advocates at arms length. This will require great wisdom in picking out valid arguments from a flood of mind-boggling advocacy. I have this mental image of a befuddled old judge and a glazed-eye jury listening to conflicting expert witnesses.

There're groups of people actively working on each of the following:

        Client SMTP Authorization (CSA)
        Domain Name Accreditation (DNA)
        Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
        Sender ID
        a combined Domain Keys and Identified Internet Mail (IIM)
        Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV)

These all have a lot of detail that the advocates will never agree on. I don't see any thought as to how they will work together with competing methods in the same transfer. I worry about experiments going on for a year or more, and no clear conclusions because the real tests require participation of a large part of the Internet population.

When a standard finally does emerge, it will than take another year for writers of spam filters, MTAs, MUAs, etc. to start using the standard. Spamnix, for example, has no current plans to use domain names. The folks at SpamCop seem strongly opposed to any use of domain names instead of IP addresses in their real-time lists.

We could cut a year off the adoption process if we could just agree on a few simple items, like what the authentication headers will look like. I don't mean all the details like we see now in Received-SPF, but just the essentials - IP address, domain name, and result. The rest could be optional parameters added by each method, maybe to be standardized later if there really is a need.

-- Dave

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