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New Authenticated: header?

2005-03-09 14:18:32

David MacQuigg <dmq(_at_)gain(_dot_)com> wrote:

See my "Spam Scenarios" at

   David introduces an interesting idea there: interspersing "Authenticated:"
headers among the "Received:" headers:
] Received: ( **SaniMail 47655 invoked from network** ); 28 Feb 2005
]         15:35:36 -0000
] Authenticated: SenderID PASS
] Received: from unknown (HELO (
]         by with SMTP; 28 Feb 2005 15:35:36 -0000

   I think it would work better as
" Authentication: <method> (<parameters>) = <result>

but it's the _idea_ that I find interesting, not the syntax.

   If there were a header prepended at the time Authentication is done,
it would make it possible to use its result as input to (possibly
heuristic) filtering executed later; and _might_ open the door to a
future in which a limited trust could be given to Received: lines after
the first. 

   What do other folks think?

John Leslie <john(_at_)jlc(_dot_)net>