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Re: Has the IETF dropped the ball?

2005-03-09 07:30:35

At 09:34 PM 3/8/2005 -0800, Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:

In short, MARID failed because a simple, non-controversial, and all-encompassing solution to Internet Mail Authentication does not seem to exist.

We don't need an "all-encompassing solution" to be a useful standard. SMTP doesn't encompass authentication, but it is still quite useful. I would *not* expect a shared authentication standard to encompass complex algorithms for extracting the purported responsible domain from a set of headers. I *would* expect it to encompass how the results of authenticating that domain are communicated downstream.

Can anyone give me an example of a requirement that must be included in a shared standard and cannot be written in a way that both sides could live with?

-- Dave

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