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Re: (lack of) message header field ordering

2005-03-14 06:39:49

On Mon March 14 2005 05:11, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
Bruce Lilly writes:
It might make sense to put transport-related additions (trace fields, 
List- fields, etc.) in a separate place ("envelope") distinct from 
the end-to-end, user-to-user message header (date, to/from/cc, 
subject, etc.).

Either way, it's something different from what we have now.

It does sound a bit like an S/MIME message, doesn't it?

Yes, a "triple-wrapped" one; and sadly many "MIME" implementations
can't handle fairly simple MIME nesting (e.g.
).  So, almost certainly, many recipients would be unable to view
such messages.  I think that's the right general direction, though,
and perhaps it would encourage developers to fix buggy "MIME"