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Re: Can reputable domains stop outgoing spam?

2005-03-10 20:03:07

At 01:54 PM 3/11/2005 +1300, Glenn Anderson wrote:

Reputable domains will eliminate 99% of their outgoing spam, as AOL has done.

this doesn't happen without impairing the ability of the mail system to carry legitimate mail.

Has AOL suffered any impairment?

I have had a couple of reports of legitimate email being bounced due to AOL using SPF. The mail was sent from an AOL user to an address on a non-AOL server, and that address was set to forward to an AOL account.

Do you know what caused the problem? Some other replies have confused the issue with problems on the *incoming* side. AOL is leaning on other domains to clean up their spam, and it may be that the forwarder has a problem.

I'm interested in what impairment AOL has suffered as a result of their policy to eliminate *outgoing* spam.

-- Dave

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