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Re: Can reputable domains stop outgoing spam?

2005-03-10 12:42:58

David MacQuigg wrote:

this doesn't happen without impairing the ability of the mail system to carry legitimate mail.

Has AOL suffered any impairment?

Considerably, yes. AOL's reliance at the router layer on the MAPS-DUL has resulted in blocked mail from legitimate senders using recently allocated IP addresses. AOL users accidentally clicking on the "this is spam" button -- and then trying to figure out why they aren't getting their bank statements -- has created a whole new line of business for help desks. If you are a small business and you want to be sure your customers get your mail, it's vital that you put yourself onto AOL's white lists; but the volume of mail coming back on AOL's feedback loops has been known to overwhelm small servers; when the legitimate business finds itself unable to deal with the FBL volume they get removed from the whitelist or blocked entirely. AOL's gentle (but real) threat to downgrade or block mail from ISPs that don't implement anti-zombie measures have sent some ISPs scrambling to implement port 25 blocking across the board, resulting in legitimate senders suddenly and without warning being unable to send E-mail anywhere.

These are all issues I discussed with live users at MAAWG last week. Plenty more where that comes from.

All of these problems do get resolved -- AOL is really good about working with legitimate senders to get the mail through -- but managing the "impairment" is a big job.