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Impossibility of Stopping Spam

2005-03-10 12:48:38

> > It won't solve the spam problem either; in fact it'll just make the
> > spammer's job easier. Instead of wading through a load of spam messages,
> > recipients will have to wade through a load of spam message notifications.
> I believe you are making unwarranted assumptions about a non-existent
> design of an unspecified protocol.

Maybe about the details, but my main point stands. Throwing away SMTP and
starting again (with IM2000, or with RSS) will not solve the spam problem:
it will just move it about. (I say RSS because of Andy Newton's blog: Spam is an inevitable consequence of
accepting communication from people you don't already know.

Gentlemen, This sub-thread went off-topic long ago. I like Dave Crocker's suggestion of starting a new thread, and keeping each one on a narrow topic. The topic here is what should the IETF be doing?

-- Dave

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