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New guy to this list..

2005-05-11 06:44:59
Hi All,

This is Vijayan from Bangalore,India, working as a Soft.Engr.
Presently i'm doing a project in a Mailing application.. my module is SMTP.

I have some couple of doubts in SMTP standards..

1. What is the actual difference between HELO and EHLO commands.. what is the 
use of these two different commands.. when to use which... and why..???

2. I had read in the RFC , that this commands (HELO/EHLO) r used to tell what 
is the Client SMTP the SMTP Server. (is it correct ??)..
then in that case even if i'm sending a command like " EHLO 123 or EHLO junk / 
EHLO pheeeen" it is accepting.. why..??

plese clarify my doubts..

hope to get an earlier response..

thanks in advance..


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