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Re: About TURN and ETRN command

2005-05-12 05:40:11

i wanna clarify my doubt in using TURN and ETRN commands

i cldn't understand that what this RFC documents r telling.. i will give one runtime sample , as what i'm thinking..

1. starting SMTP session.

2. starting the mail transaction for <mailbox 1>
3. queuing the mail..

4. starting the mail transaction for <mailbox 2>
5. queuing the mail..

6. starting the mail transaction for <mailbox 1>
7. queuing the mail..

8. ETRN <MailBox1>

9. starting mail transaction for another mail boxes..
10. quit

Why on earth would you do that?

ETRN is intended to be used by the users of the mailbox it refers to (ie the owners of 'Mailbox 1' in this example), so you wouldn't typically send mail to yourself then immediately ask for it to be dequeued back to your own mail server..

This session will despatch the mails 1, 3 for mailbox 1 immediately.. and the remaining mails will be despatched after the smtp session quits..
is it like that..?????

It's however the mail server that you're talking to wants to do it... I'd expect a mail server that didn't know anything about "mailbox1" just to ignore (or return an error for) the ETRN command. Some mail servers may dispatch all the messages immediately, or they may wait an unspecified amount of time before dispatching them, or they may dispatch some sooner than others, etc. The SMTP standard doesn't specify anything about this at all.

Paul                            VPOP3 - Internet Email Server/Gateway

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