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About TURN and ETRN command

2005-05-12 04:17:09
sorry for disturbing u guys..

pls help me in this..!!

i wanna clarify my doubt in using TURN and ETRN commands

i cldn't understand that what this RFC documents r telling.. i will give one 
runtime sample , as what i'm thinking..

    1. starting SMTP session.

    2. starting the mail transaction for <mailbox 1>
    3. queuing the mail..

    4. starting the mail transaction for <mailbox 2>
    5. queuing the mail..

    6. starting the mail transaction for <mailbox 1>
    7. queuing the mail..

    8. ETRN <MailBox1>

    9. starting mail transaction for another mail boxes..
    10. quit

This session will despatch the mails 1, 3 for mailbox 1 immediately.. and the 
remaining mails will be despatched after the smtp session quits..
is it like that..?????

if it is wrong please let me know the actual use of this commands, using some 
runtime samples..

thanks in advance.