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Re: Sender's Declaration of Identity

2005-05-17 11:19:47
On Tue, 17 May 2005 02:08:44 PDT, David MacQuigg said:

And we don't know, when the message arrives, whether it uses Sender-ID, 
SPF, or some other method.

I'm the *receiver* of the message. *I* decide if I want to check Sender-ID,
SPF, or some other method. *I* get to choose what to do if the site it's
coming from doesn't support whatever scheme I'm using.

If you want to be *helpful*, give me a hint what scheme you think your
site supports.  Should I *bother* with an SPF check, or does the site
flag their outbound mail as "we don't believe in SPF"?  Similarly for
other protocols that involve often-expensive DNS or other remote lookups.

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