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Re: Sender's Declaration of Identity

2005-05-17 12:21:15
On Tue, 17 May 2005 12:06:16 PDT, David MacQuigg said:

Well, assuming you can get this syntax past Bruce Lilly (ID declaration 
outside the SMTP session), I would look for a TXT record at

If you don't understand why such a solution won't fly, you probably
shouldn't be designing stuff in this area.

Hint:  There's more Internet than US.  And most of the world has good reason
to distrust anything in .GOV because it's US-run.

Hint 2: Nobody trusts ICANN to manage this correctly either.

Hint 3: The only reason why people trust IETF as far as they do is because
it's easier to follow somebody else's specs to get interoperable than design
your own (unless you're a company bent on vendor lock-in, of course).

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