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Re: "CSV" [not comma-separated values]

2005-05-27 11:56:51
On Fri, 27 May 2005 10:06:19 PDT, Ned Freed said:
Doesn't this in turn assume that your ISP is the only one who can provide you
mail service? I suppose it is possible that there are providers out there that
block everything but port 80 and do stateful inspection of port 80 traffic to
insure it it is really HTTP. But even then there are web-based alternatives...

There *are* an increasing number of providers who think that "walled garden"
is a feasible business model - not all of whom are open about that fact with

The recent trend towards "Deep Inspection firewalls" is really a code word
for "so much stuff is now tunneled over port 80/443 to get through firewalls
that we may as well just treat them as IP tunneling/encapsulation schemes..."

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