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Re: "CSV" [not comma-separated values]

2005-05-27 08:26:29
On Thu, 26 May 2005 18:52:54 BST, Tony Finch said:

If a sender doesn't like their site's policies, they can get another ISP
or have a chat with their sysadmins or whatever.

This makes 3 assumptions:

1) That the sender is even able to recognize that the breakage is due to the
site policy.

2) That there exists a *realistic* alternative ISP (you're always free to switch
to the *other* cable company for your broadband, right? ;)

3) That the sysadmins have both sufficient clue and motivation to care
about your problems.  Remember that you have to get past the Level 1 tech
support people, who probably don't have your problem on their script....

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