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Re: "Header Reordering", yet again

2005-05-28 11:36:30

On Sat May 28 2005 13:44, Ned Freed wrote:

The X.400 issue is theoretical. I have never seen it happen in practice.

I suspect that the only way to definitively state that reordering has
happened would be to compare "before" and "after" snapshots, and I
suspect that that has been done; RFC 2822 states "they have been known
to be reordered occasionally when transported".

Definitively stating that it has never happened -- which is more germane
to the assumption and necessary condition for some schemes -- would
involve "before" and "after" snapshots at each transfer, and I can guarantee
that that has not been done (it's relevant to your comment about the
difficulty of proving a negative).

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