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Re: Chain of Trusted Forwarders

2005-05-29 13:52:41
On Sun, 29 May 2005 12:18:27 PDT, David MacQuigg said:
Have you ever set up a corporation?  The cost in time an money is easily
more than the profit from of one hour of spamming.  Remember, you get only

That's only if you're setting up a *real* corporation.  Remember - *you* said
that it only has to look good enough to provide the corporate registration
you'd consider sufficient.  You can cut corners a lot if you're perpetrating
a scam....

a B-rating if your new domain is "trusted, but not proven", and many
receivers will be filtering the B-rated mail also.  Also, a spammer will
have to use a different personal identity each time, so they get the state
authorities after them also.

The same state authorities who are *already* in full pursuit of these guys
for all the *other* illegal things they're doing?  The ones who are so vigilant
that no spammer dares pay for a domain with a stolen credit card?  The ones
that are prosecuting them in droves for fraud and the like?  You *seriously*
expect those overburdened state attorneys general to add the fraudulent 
registrations to all the *OTHER* legal action they have pending against
the spammers???

"Hello, Airport Control? This is Pig N23FC7, fully fueled and requesting
clearance for takeoff...."

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