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Re: SPF I-D for review: draft-schlitt-spf-classic-01.txt

2005-05-31 19:07:58

On Tue May 31 2005 09:56, Frank Ellermann wrote:

Bruce Lilly wrote:

  [problem with the mail provider]
your solution was sending direct-to-MX with a MAIL FROM
listadmin(_at_)bruces(_dot_)box(_dot_)example and a HELO
No, neither MAIL FROM nor HELO/EHLO were changed. no point in
changing MAIL FROM, as the intent was not to change where
delivery notices were sent.

Now it sounds like an ordinary alias-style forwarder to third
parties (5.3.6(a) in 1123).

No, manual mailing from me.

In fact it _could_ work in several ways, e.g. if the senders
add your mailouts to their sender policies,

Not applicable.

Or if the receivers white 
list your mailouts as "trusted forwarders", maybe depending
on the RCPT TO, it's also okay.

You're grasping at straws.  That's more onerous than your "use
additional providers" approach.
You're presuming that there's an MX record (actually >= 2)

Second time you mention MX > 1, are you sure that you don't
confuse this with NS > 1 ?

Probably. Anyway, there are none, so my error doesn't matter.
(due to DHCP, the first is impractical at best, and the
second is prohibited by terms of service: "no servers").

Reliable MX services are something you can arrange (e.g. buy),

It's amazing how willing some FUSSP proponents are to spend
other peoples' money...

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