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Re: Solution to Windows Email Zombie Problem

2005-06-21 01:16:05

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From: "David MacQuigg" <david_macquigg(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com>

I have also heard that M$ is unwilling to make its security updates
available to unlicensed systems, which probably includes most of the
zombies.  My guess is they are trying to turn this PR disaster into a win
by timing the zombie shutdown so the credit for saving the email system
goes to SenderID.

Seems like someone should develop an open-source "anti-zombie" program
could be used by ISPs to neuter their zombies.  Any user system that is
open for spammers would also be open for a benign patch.  "Sorry, your
has been blocked, because your system has been infected with a mail
worm.  <Click Here> to install a patch on your system and re-activate your
account."  Of course, there would need to be some user education follow
and stricter measures if it happens again.

You seem to have a sense for conspiracy. :-)

Google "Article 2B" or its current name "UCITA" and see how the world will
change if new provisions to the UCC (Uniform Commence Code) and  US Federal
interstate commence laws is ratisfied.

Here are some sites with good summaries:

Information Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Protections

Placing UCITA and Licensing In Context

There is one technology that the big software industry wants (mainly
Microsoft) that will utterly change the face of the earth - it is the holy
grail of telecommunications. If allowed, it will create a new trillion
dollar market place.

What it is?

Think "Bank Car Repossession!"   The Microsofts wants the same rights as
Banks to go into your computer to zap your software licensing and usage.

It is basically the "time share" business again.  In the future, you will
pay "usages" for applications - like $10 per Word Documentation,  $5.00 per
Excell Sheet.   This way you won't have to install or buy the whole package.
It would like be able to go to Kinkos to do a quick professional print job
on a per project basis.

Thats the market side potential - the Ciscos are gearing how for the control
of the licensing technology.

The threats are obvious - everyone and the grandma will do the same thing.
Users will lose control of what can be done on their computer.   Vendors
will be allowed to "repossessed" or ZAP your computer for lack of payment or

etc, etc.

Check it out.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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