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Re: Re Anonymous Final Destination and mail submission

2005-06-26 08:32:30

If you are "final destination" (ie: Are an SMTP Server acting as a MTA due to being pointed to by a MX) you have to assume that the MTA that is relaying the message to you for delivery has verified that Mail From so you HAVE TO assume that it is valid/usable.

This is clearly not the case. If the DNS name in the MAIL FROM address is invalid you can't send a bounce message to it anyway, so you don't "HAVE TO" use it. In a world where a significant percentage of mails received have bogus MAIL FROMs and/or bogus RCPT TO addresses or are undeliverable for other reasons, checking the DNS name of the MAIL FROM _before_ you agree to relay mail to a recipient starts to make sense.

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