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Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification

2005-06-28 15:36:46

Personally I don't bounce mail from you - instead I file it into an
appropriately-named folder in case I realize that there's a need to read
or respond to something you've said.

Thanks for the admission. It shows malicious intent to create harm and
create chaos whenever it suits you.   

No, it shows a desire to avoid responding to every bit of
misinformation and poor advice you send out.  Rather than reading all
of your mail and being tempted to respond to all of it, I generally
avoid reading your mail and thus avoid the temptation to respond to
it.  I generally make exceptions to this only when I somehow get in the
loop (maybe because you've responded to a thread that I was
participating in), or when I realize you've made some exceptionally
egregious recommendation.

Everyone in this business gets to succeed or fail based on his reputation.

Damn right and we have a EXCELLENT reputation in the commercial Online
Hosting Mail and File distribution, top of the line, and have been for over
25+ years.  

How nice for you.  Rest assured that I'm not going to try to take any
of your customers away.  However I will not hesitate to disagree
publicly with you if you say something that I disagree with,
particularly if it seems like your advice could do harm if it were
followed.  If your customers read this list (which I doubt) or find its
archives on the net (somewhat more likely) then they will learn of
these criticisms and the reasons for them.  If it happens that they
choose other vendors' products next time, so much the better for them,
but that's not why I'm bothering to argue with you.

You and your company are no more immune from criticism than anyone

You are correct 100%. Criticism is one things. Lies are not.  Your criticism
that attacks our integrity must be based on undisputable *facts*.  You have
outrighted demeaned me personally, my company, my products, my customers on
numerous occassions over the last 2+ years with statements of unproven fact
for one purpose only.  To harm me. 

My purpose is to limit the amount of harm you do to Internet mail, not
so much by your products (as they have little market penetration) but
by your poor advice in this forum.

This includes encouraging others to do the same with censorship.

I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about here. 

Even then I have tried publically and privately ask you on many repeated
attempts to stop the personal attacks.  I've tried to befriend you but you
kept the personal attacks going.

For the most part, these aren't personal attacks, they're arguments
against statements that you have made and based on observations of the
behavior of software that presumably reflects your products.  You may
take them personally, but they're technical arguments - and technical
arguments are the purpose of this forum.  

Now of course when list participants start trying to back dubious
technical points by making claims about their superior knowledge or
experience, they're inviting attacks along those lines. But if they
stick to arguments based on analysis of the protocols and/or observed
behavior, without trying to impress us with their credentials, the rest
of us will respond with counterarguments based on analysis or

There are several people on this list with a vast amount of experience,
but they don't generally feel the need to tout it.  Anybody, no matter
how experienced, can still learn from this discussion if he doesn't let
his ego get in the way.


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