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Re: slow email validation problems

2005-09-14 11:43:21
On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:37:01 CDT, wayne said:

Right.  Those "people" are called "spam traps".

I've seen a number of people who put their spam trap addresses *behind* their
spam filters, on the theory that they only want to trigger the traps on *new*
spam - no need to do anything with stuff we already recognize as spam.

Such people may be in for a surprise... ;)

(I used to approach problems with a "what could the other guy have 
attitude.  Now I'm older, wiser, and approach it with "what minimal set of 
has to be correct for minimal functionality - everything else is probably 
I've received too many "How do I send e-mail?" e-mails, I guess... ;)

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