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Re: slow email validation problems

2005-09-14 12:40:25

What "same 2 hours" are you talking about?  With graylisting, most
legitimate email goes through immediately because it is from a known
source.  Most email coming from new sources is spam.

My point was that greylisting will became ineffective as soon as it 
became widely used. And so I suggest you to build system, which 
does not perturb other hosts.

There may, indeed, be a benefit of rechecking the DNSBLs, DCC,
etc. right before the email is read, but I don't know many people who
do that.  I'm guessing that the benefit is fairly small.

It was your point: "After a few hours, other anti-spam tools such as
DNSBLs, RHSBLs, DCC/Pyzor/Razor, etc. have had a chance to react."