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Re: slow email validation problems

2005-09-14 14:27:52

When your system decide to reject message as it consider it as SPAM what 
would have to do remote system? Bah... exactly the same as that what you 
refusing to do: it will generate bounce.

Not so.  Quite often, the program knocking on your door is malware. This
will not generate a bounce.  By not accept-then-bounce a message, this
will already cut down on backscatter.

I fill that I was misinterpreted. It is normal that if you do not wont to 
message you just reject it. But I cannot agree with any system that 
TEMPFAIL message, it has doubted about, just in case to be able reject it 
later, when other host will retry to send it again.
Also important: when backscatter is reported (for instance spamcop) let
the other host deal with those reports, not you.

It is discussable, but I would prefer RFC section specifying way to check 
authentity of mail in place of point of view of private company saying 
~"no bounce". 

Not accepting a message _is_ an important decision.  You are saying you
do NOT accept responsibility for that message, you don't trust it.

Very well then reject it! My point is that it is very bad idea to make 
work OTHER host because of YOUR doubt.