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2005-09-22 09:42:33

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From: "Dave Crocker" <dhc(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net>

I had originally used the term "Administrative Domain" but now
believe the second word should only be used to refer to a Domain
Name or the DNS.

My current thought is "Administrative Environment" (AE),
per the attached example.

What term would folks prefer?

I think it all depends under what context you are trying to use it and who
is the target reader/audience as well.  The terms; Design, Setup,
Installations, Environment, Clusters, networks, topology all are used in
various and similar meanings depending on your discipline.

Personally, I think AE is fine, but I wouldn't get stuck using it.  The
document attempts to offer a design and network topology for internet based
RFC x822 email.   So I can see Administrative "Setup" "Design" "Network"
easily being used in conversation.

Anyway, a few comments about the illustration:

- Your illustration has a MUA to include an inherent
  transfer component (MTA), both receiving and sending.

- Unless I missed it, an "AE" of the form "internal router network"
  is not depicted,

Thinking point:

What would you classified a WEB Mail browser client to be? and how will it
fit in your illustration?

I don't think it does.  A Web Mail Browser Client will closer fit a
generalized "AE" as:

Direct online with SERVER-SIDE SOFTWARE LOGIC for MUA:

     |                                |
     |  MUA --> STORE/GATEWAY --> MTA --->
     |                                |

Mixed Direct Online/Offloaded with SERVER-SIDE SOFTWARE LOGIC and
CLIENT-SIDE TERMINAL control, software logic. This is not the
same as "Store and Forward."

     +------+ +------------------------+
     |      | |                        |
     |  MUA ---> STORE/GATEWAY --> MTA --->
     |      | |                        |
     +------+ +------------------------+

If you are lumping message stores and gateways as "Mediators" then,
it could be illustrated as:

     +------+ +--------------------+
     |      | |                    |
     |  MUA ---> MEDIATOR --> MTA --->
     |      | |                    |
     +------+ +--------------------+

which is ok by me as it means that the MUA can be any generic client-side
object in the world.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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