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Re: Terminology: Administrative <?>

2005-09-22 14:57:00

My current thought is "Administrative Environment" (AE)...

I'm not certain I understand what we're trying to name,

John, et al,

Here's the text from the current email-arch draft. If it is not sufficiently clear about the nature of this entity, please elaborate, if possible, so I can consider how to improve the description:

"Operation of Internet Mail services is apportioned to different providers (or operators). Each can be composed of an independent Administrative Unit (AU). Examples include an end-user operating their desktop client, a department operating a local Relay, an IT department operating an enterprise Relay and an ISP operating a public shared email service. These can be configured into many combinations of administrative and operational relationships, with each Administrative Unit potentially having a complex arrangement of functional components."


 Dave Crocker
 Brandenburg InternetWorking
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