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Re: Terminology: Administrative <?>

2005-09-23 06:11:28
Since there are so many suggestions floating around, I think I'll add another.

What about "Administrative Grouping"?

One thing to remember is that these things nest - I have authority over my MUA, but it's still operating under the authority of my employer's mail environment (well, it doesn't, strictly, but that's me being different....)


--On 21. september 2005 22:14 -0700 Dave Crocker <dhc(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net> 


I'm starting to revise the email-arch draft and am looking to resolve a
terminology choice.

The current draft refers to a collectively-managed set of email
components --
as distinct from some other, independent collectively-managed set of
components -- as an Administrative Unit (AU).  Examples might be a
MTA, as one AU, an email hosting service as another, an integrated service
(AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc) as another, and so on.

My impression is that folks do not love that term AE.

We need *some* term, so that such references as "boundary MTA" can be
meaningful -- what is it the boundary of?

I had originally used the term "Administrative Domain" but now believe the
second word should only be used to refer to a Domain Name or the DNS.

My current thought is "Administrative Environment" (AE), per the attached

What term would folks prefer?



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