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Re: mail store vs. message store

2007-03-19 10:35:23

On 3/19/2007 8:50 AM, Dave Crocker wrote:

It has been pointed out to me that the email-arch document uses the words for 
"MS" inconsistently, varying between "message store" and "mail store".

On check their use in the IETF context -- even within a single email working 
group -- I find that indeed, I'm not the only one varying between the terms.

Although the document purports to describe Internet *mail*, I am going to 
define MS to mean "message store", unless enough of you object.

I haven't read any of your later drafts, and I don't really care what you
do, but I use 'mail store' because:

1) 'message' is way too ambiguous

2) email messages are not required to be stored in RFC [2]822 format by
any standards specifications, and there are lots of places that use some
other kind of storage mechanism (even the most transparent systems use
mbox, which isn't an 822 format, and many other systems [most noticable
with IMAP servers in particular] use other, optimized formats, all of
which is allowed)

3) the only place that a [2]822 'email message' exists in pure form is
when it's in transit, ie 'not in storage'

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols

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