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Re: Conflicting Enhanced Status Codes between RFC 4468 and draft-siemborski-rfc2554bis

2007-04-10 08:22:42

I expanded out the lists of what values are being pulled out of where.

The draft looks basically OK to me although there appear to be some
formatting issues with the short and long descriptions of the various
codes running into each other.

There is an issue of what to do with the values X.7.8 through X.7.13.
These were all defined in a draft that has since expired
(draft-newman-auth-resp-00.txt), but have been used in other documents
such as draft-siemborski-rfc2554bis.

As a strawman, I pulled in versions of the definitions from that draft.

I also introduced X.7.14 and X.7.15 to replace the competing uses of
X.7.8. Is this the best way to handle this conflict?

It's not perfect, but I know of no better way to deal with it.


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