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Re: Conflicting Enhanced Status Codes between RFC 4468 and draft-siemborski-rfc2554bis

2007-04-11 06:44:37

Ned Freed wrote:

ned+ietf-smtp(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

>>5.7.8, 5.7.9, 5.7.11, 4,7.12, 5.7.12, and x.5.6.
>All of these have are consistently defined in 2554bis and in Tony's draft. If
>Tony's draft moves forward and is approved before 2554bis
This wouldn't be possible, as 2554bis is already approved ;-).

Read the rest of my sentence - I was referring to publication of 2554bis, not approval. There have been plenty of cases where a draft has been approved and then awaited publication for months or even years while numerous other related drafts are written, approved, and even published. This is especially true with
security-related documents.

Fair enough.

In the specific case of 2554bis I don't see anything that would delay
publication - in particular, all normative references are to published RFCs.
But even so, it is possible, albeit unlikely,

Yes, I think it is unlikely.

that an IANA registry for
enhanced status codes could be approved before 2554bis is published, in which as I noted below a revision with an RFC Editor note would be appropriate if
not required.

It might be just as easy to add registration of 2554bis enhanced status codes to Tony's/John's draft.

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