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Re: rfc2821bis-01 Issue 18: Usability of 1yz replies

2007-04-11 07:19:41

David F. Skoll wrote:

The specific "keep alive" functionality still needs to widely tested.
But the proof of concept is well established.  It does work and there is
no surprise from a programmability technical standpoint that it does.

It does not work, apparently, if the SMTP client is Sendmail, which
I'm told treats the 150- as an error.  Sendmail is still a
sufficiently-popular SMTP client that any server using 150-
continuation lines will break on a large proportion of incoming

This RFC 821 (clone in 2821) "recommendation" in question:

    In many cases the sender-SMTP then simply needs to search for
    the reply code followed by <SP> at the beginning of a line, and
    ignore all preceding lines.  In a few cases, there is important
    data for the sender in the reply "text".  The sender will know
    these cases from the current context

has been in place for 25 years.

For the exact reason we all know that SENDMAIL is popular I find it rather odd that in these 25 years this would the first time it has encountered such considerations, so by that I am beginning to doubt that claim. I believe the devils in the details, especially since there are many versions of SENDMAIL.

Also, I stand my engineering that most, if not all, even SENDMAIL until shown otherwise, will reset their timers when the channel is active again.