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Re: Recap Issues 0b/21/25

2007-04-30 15:43:23

At 11:10 -0400 on 04/30/2007, David F. Skoll wrote about Re: Recap Issues 0b/21/25:

A proper failure report SHOULD consist of a notification sent
        to the Return-Path of the original message.  Where this is not
        possible (because of a blank Return-Path) or not desirable
        (because the Return-Path is untrusted for local policy
        reasons), the server MUST record enough information for a
        human operator to reconstruct the nature of the delivery
        failure, the original Return-Path and the addresses of the
        original recipients.

Query - Why not in an "Unable to Report to the Return Path" situation, just route the Notification Message to a Role Account address on the Server instead of (or in addition to) Logging? That way you have an ALREADY parsed list of the errors instead of needing to scan the Log to locate them.