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Re: Recap Issues 0b/21/25

2007-04-30 18:10:33

Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:

Query - Why not in an "Unable to Report to the Return Path" situation,
just route the Notification Message to a Role Account address on the
Server instead of (or in addition to) Logging?

That's fine.  It's the default for Sendmail.  It's also one of the
first things I change when I install Sendmail for anyone who does any
reasonable amount of mail.  Otherwise, the role account simply gets

I think any mechanism that makes it easy for an operator to quickly figure
out what happened after the fact is acceptable, whether that's by reading
the archived role account mail or running a script on a log file.

The point is, I don't think we should lightly abandon NDNs, and
certainly not without at least mentioning steps that should be taken
by a responsible SMTP implementation to mitigate the damage.