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Re: acceptings partically a message

2007-07-17 04:47:46


Referring to my initial email and the followed comments I would like to express the reason of why exactly this behaviour is needed to reject spam. Well, the only other option is to send DSN. However the DNS may end in a spamtrap/honeypot, thus blacklisting your MTA, just because it sent DSN. This is a real disaster I had to experience, as spamcop blacklists servers, who bounce spam messages.

So the schema

> if all rejected
 answer "CR LF . CR LF" with 5xx
 else if all accepted
 2xx, and send a DSN with the exact details

is not at all an option. Moreover doing temporary rejects for all but one recipient means practically applying grey-listing, with all it delays and is not an option at all. At the same time I do not expect that the spammer's SMTP servers will ever implement PRDR, so my vote goes for

S: 550 Mail rejected for mailing-list(_at_)example(_dot_)org

except the server supports PRDR. Are there any better ideas?

Със здраве,