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Re: acceptings partically a message

2007-07-17 06:35:43

Ethically minded subscribers: Please stop reading now.

I just had a coffee break. On the balcony, where the sun bakes and it's really hot. The heat and the coffeine affected my brain, and I had a really evil idea.

Dilyan Palauzov writes:
Referring to my initial email and the followed comments I would like to express the reason of why exactly this behaviour is needed to reject spam. Well, the only other option is to send DSN. However the DNS may end in a spamtrap/honeypot, thus blacklisting your MTA, just because it sent DSN.

Do you have an ISP or perhaps even several? Ideally residential DSL connection(s) from a big ISP?

You could set up a tunnel so that when your MTA attempts a connection to e.g. port 25, the connection finally arrives at the smarthost of an ISP and appears to originate from (one of) your residential DSL connection(s). If you have a VPN linking people's homes to the company network this shouldn't be too hard.

Then you configure your MTA to deliver DSNs via and all other mail directly, and tralala, if there's a problem Spamcop will blacklist that big ISP instead of your MTA.

Nasty, isn't it? Evil? Terrible? You think I should be spanked, and you hope the postmaster of my own ISP reads this list? (He does.)