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Re: acceptings partically a message (3)

2007-07-19 11:06:37

Dilyan Palauzov wrote:

  I am now convinced, that sending
    550 The mail was received by everybody, except 
  is definitely the wrong way.

Just think in terms of automation for computers and not HUMANS. The DATA response has a special STANDARD meaning that applies to the entire transaction.

If you wanted to get across some special "HUMAN" interpretation, then I don't see a particular issue with this:

    250 Message accepted. However 1 used will failed.

then your server can send a SPECIAL DSN (NOT A BOUNCE CONCEPT) to the return path with a special comment using this as a template:

    --------------- CUT HERE -------------
    FROM: MailerDaemon(_at_)someserver(_dot_)com
    TO: {$SENDER}
    SUBJECT: [Trace Report] Transaction #{$MID}

    Your transaction:

      SENDER:  {$SENDER}
      FROM: {$FROM}
      DATE"  {$DATE}

    For Receipients:


    was delivered to all except:

    --------------- CUT HERE -------------

So its more of a TRACE REPORT rather than a BOUNCE report.

This would be more of a implementation concept. Not a standard consideration. It might be implemented as a way to send a Mail List Server (MLS) a special message to de-activate a failed subscriber that was detected at the submission level, not after some route attempt.


Hector Santos, CTO