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Re: acceptings particularly a message (3)

2007-07-19 14:48:53

At 11:36 -0700 on 07/17/2007, Ned Freed wrote about Re: acceptings particularly a message (3):

A significant
number of list managers that receive an authoritative indication that an entire group of addresses they just tried to send to are bad are going to unsubscribe
them all right away rather than wait for a later probe to confirm that the
addresses are bogus.

If they are going to want to unsubscribe all the addresses, IMO, they should first sanity check the list by either doing an immediate probe to that list of addresses (and unsubscribe based on the results, thus not unsubscribing the good addresses), or doing individual resends of the message but this time sending one copy per address (in effect doing the same thing as the probe and/or acting as if each address was the only one at that domain/MX).