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Re: Fixing graylisting [was TBR]

2007-11-15 14:06:29

Douglas Otis wrote:
> Bulk emailers are often anxious to complete their campaigns and are
> dubious about retry delays of 30 minutes.  The initial benefit of
> grey-listing was as a test for whether a transmitting MTA carried
> state since many bots did not.  This is changing where now many
> bots retry the same message.  The benefits from grey-listing
> are fading, while bulk emailers have become more aggressive in
> their retries.

That's good Doug.

Good medicines are the ones where you won't eventually need it anymore.

Good medicines also helps separate the bad from the good from a compliance standpoint, so if the Bulk mailers are getting better at what they were suppose to do in the first place, then thats good. Not bad.

In the mean time, for the systems who don't follow the specs, GL and other SMTP compliance-based ideas will continue to be effective.

So your statement about "fading", true or not, I see that as a positive, not a negative sign that well it worked.

Hector Santos, CTO

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