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Re: 2821bis consideration - New 2nd attempt Retry Strategy recommendation

2007-11-17 00:00:16

Hi Hector,
At 13:23 16-11-2007, Hector Santos wrote:
Incorrect in what way? Inappropriate perhaps from a "operator/policy" statement? Functionally or Technically? Compatibility? If its a compatibility problem, then it needs to be reconsidered.

It's technically incorrect. It's not an incompatibility problem. A sender should to be able to differentiate between a temporary rejection due to an error and one due to the receiver's policy decision. If you are doing log analysis, you can categorize the different conditions by reply code and take whatever action may be necessary.

I once came across a site in the Far East that was temporary rejecting a message. As I didn't understand the text (language), I had to rely on the reply code to deduce whether they were explicitly rejecting messages from the sending host.