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Re: email-arch I18N

2008-03-09 06:24:03

Alessandro Vesely wrote:
It may be worth to explicitly state that, although the *values* of 
some headers may be expressed in different languages an possibly 
encoded using different charsets, the headers *names* are *not* to
be translated into different languages.

Yes, but I guess that's too far down into 2821bis + 2822upd details,
of course we don't "translate" MAIL FROM into say "POST VON" (de) or
similar, like we don't translate <body> in XHTML.
some mail clients translate IMAP special-use folders names _on the
server_, resulting in a loss of interoperability with clients that
expect the de facto standard names.

The effect of switching from "en" to "en-GB" with Gmail was funny,
my MUA needed a hard kick to note that the "trash" is now a "bin" ;-)
While that's funny I don't think it belongs into email-arch, it has
a normative reference to RFC 3501.  IMAP I18N is a rathole of its
own right with interesting "lemonade" flamewars.

The purpose of an I18N section in email arch would be to offer some
pointers for interested readers, plus context wrt the architecture,
BCP 15, UTF-8, MIME, 8BITMIME, lang-tags (maybe), and arguably EAI.