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Off-topic: Partly unreadable mail from Martin/Eudora

2008-03-10 03:38:28

Frank Ellermann writes:
Whatever causes my MUA to display Japanese characters in replies to Patrik Fältström from Martin, I'm willing to blame it on RFC 2130, or rather its RFC 1554 reference. :-)

Martin's MUA (Eudora 6J) sends illegal output. I haven't seen an unGIGOed copy of that particular message, but I looked carefully at some other messages. The messages start with ASCII, to a double-byte character set, and then sends something which doesn't match the "double-byte-segment" syntax. It can be an odd number of bytes or it can be bytes which don't match "one-of-94". If you can fix your MUA or get it fixed, good test cases are ESC $ B NUL ESC ( B and ESC $ B NUL ESC ( B.

I sent Martin a note about it in August 2006. No idea whether I've reported it to Qualcomm. I may have, but I'm lazy about reporting bugs to big companies. Another MUA used by a different IETF regular has the same problem, so it's not just Eudora.

Btw, Frank: Claranet has rejected mail from me since last summer. I gather I'm an open relay or spammer or something.