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Off-topic: Partly unreadable mail from Martin/Eudora

2008-03-10 06:53:09

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

I haven't seen an unGIGOed copy of that particular message

The "raw" ISO-2022-JP input from my "OE behind GMaNe" POV
is <>
in reply to a From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Patrik_F=E4ltstr=F6m?=

Actually RFC 1468, not RFC 1554, and that could be a part
of the problem, RFC 1554 apparently offers Latin-1 as G2
in conjunction with SS2, it can also invoke Greek as G2.

RFC 1468 apparently doesn't have this feature, and so the
MUA is lost with Latin-1 =E4 and =F6 in the From, it tries

| Patrik F ESC$B 674D ESC(B str ESC$B 8B4E ESC(B wrote:

Where ESC$B introduces some double byte JIS-1983 chars.s,
certainly not ä or ö, and the m is lost in space.         

If you can fix your MUA or get it fixed

I guess OE does the right thing for 674D and 8B4E, I have
installed support for JP (or rather Martin's MUA), and it
works when it is no case of GiGo, as far as I could figure
it out with a huge GIF of JP glyphs.

I'm lazy about reporting bugs to big companies.

The latest Eudora is a Thunderbird clone, nothing to do:

Claranet has rejected mail from me since last summer. I 
gather I'm an open relay or spammer or something.

No, it used to be an ordinary over quota case for a 150 MB
mailbox getting about 100 MB spam daily, after my OS/2 box
died I was unable to delete the spam for some weeks.  When
I was again POP3-killing spam over a V.90 line
changed the password in November, maybe they had enough of
one user occupying a POP3 port about 8 hours per day only
to delete spam, and I also wasn't happy with the situation.

The Reply-To: Gmail address works.  I still hope to revive
the old account for write access on my "primary" homepage
at some point in time, OTOH the old catchall addresses are
hopeless.  At least I can claim that it was my ISP who gave
up with the spam flood to 
(_dot_)(_dot_)(_dot_)(_at_)xyzzy(_dot_)claranet(_dot_)de, not me :-|