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Re: email-arch I18N

2008-03-09 19:49:46

Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote:

The purpose of an I18N section in email arch would be to offer some
pointers for interested readers, plus context wrt the architecture,
BCP 15, UTF-8, MIME, 8BITMIME, lang-tags (maybe), and arguably EAI.
You could also refer RFC 2130 which describes the IAB policies on the

That's a predecessor of RFC 2277 (BCP 15) with lots of interesting
details.  I think it is good enough for the purposes of email-arch
when readers find a reference to RFC 2130 in BCP 15, because BCP 15
is "the real thing" (as amended by "net-utf8" and BCP 137 in 2008).  

There are subtle differences, BCP 15 requires "I18N considerations"
where RFC 2130 mentions "multilingual considerations", BCP 15 says
UTF-8 where RFC 2130 only has Unicode, and some ideas discussed in 
RFC 2130 like RFC 1345 mnemonics and UTF-7 are not more considered
as state of the art today.  

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Whatever causes my MUA to display Japanese characters in replies to
Patrik Fältström from Martin, I'm willing to blame it on RFC 2130,
or rather its RFC 1554 reference. :-)