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Re: borderline offtopic about examples

2008-07-08 09:08:16

Frank Ellermann writes:
Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

 Jon Postel chose to use more domains than 2606 provides

JFTR, 821 < 2606.


All RFC 821 examples use TLD .arpa, s/.arpa/.example/g in RFC 821 could work.

IMO: Not at all. Examples should be realistic, in the sense that they remind readers of the real thing. "foo.example" doesn't strike me as a good example of a fully-qualified domain name. ("" isn't too good either, now that .arpa is long forgotten.)

Maybe you tried your exampl-ification later, not based on RFC 821 (?)

I looked it up: The place that made me give up is 2821 appendix D.