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Re: borderline offtopic about examples

2008-07-08 09:29:56

Hi Arnt,
At 01:53 08-07-2008, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
If an example is to be changed and still keep its value to the reader, then it has to be edited with care. A global search and replace isn't care.


And an on-topic remark: I tried to edit the examples in either 2821 or 2822 into 2606ese a couple of years ago, but gave up. 2606 didn't provide enough domains for me to do the job well. Maybe a better editor could do it. Or maybe not. Jon Postel chose to use more domains than 2606 provides, and IMNSHO Jon Postel was good enough at writing RFCs.

I think that with a few iterations this group might get it right. 2821 would not be what it is without Jon Postel's examples. The examples also provide an insight on how SMTP has evolved over the years.