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Re: More new text for 2821bis

2008-07-09 11:36:11

Keith Moore wrote:

So I am having a bit of trouble coming up with a process
remedy that works better than what we have now.

Those DISCUSS-objections and COMMENT-discussions should 
have a time-out.  After that one or both sides obviously
were not interested in a real discussion, or they were,
but did not find a solution, and then the DISCUSS should
turn into ABSTAIN, and the COMMENT into NO-OBJECTION.

It is odd to see a reference to an expired draft in the
updated ID-checklist.  That apparently expired, because
there are three pending DISCUSSes.  Now does the IESG see
this draft as important enough to reference it in the ID-
checklist, and is it simultaneously too controversial to
approve it ?  Any user considering to write an I-D will
look into the Checklist and find this oddity.

Like any user interested in e-mail will find the examples
in 2821bis, and might arrive at the conclusion that this
as it should be, but picking other domains could be more
interesting.  That is the danger nobody sees here; here
all are ready with 2821bis (minus one Last Call for STD),
but thousands haven't read it yet.  And they'll find any
possible absurd interpretation - as it was with (2)822
and (2)821 before.


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